thattai recipe with step by step photos. a popular snack in the south indian region is thattai and is made mostly during the festivals of krishna jayanthi and diwali. in south india the sweet and bakery stores sell thattai all around the year. thattai – what is it? thattai isRead More →Read More →

This Easy Baked Meatballs Recipe makes delicious, flavor packed meatballs, done in 30 minutes and can be used in tons of dinner ideas! Homemade meatballs are always a hit in my house. We will eat them on meatball subs, with sauce and pasta, or on their own! My husband isRead More →

This easy Minestrone Soup recipe is loaded with vegetables, beans and pasta and flavored with Italian herbs for an easy weeknight dinner the whole family will love! Fall is here and soup is on the menu! This easy Minestrone Soup recipe is a healthy soup recipe that is also makeRead More →

Kiki Louya and Rohani Foulkes have a well-established reputation as progressive figures in Detroit’s hospitality world. Instead of relying on customer tipping, their Corktown restaurant, Folk, adds an 18 percent “hospitality charge” to bills, thereby ensuring their staff makes more than 300 percent more than Detroit’s $3.52 tipped minimum wage.Read More →

Whip up the perfect morning meal with a family favorite recipe for The Ultimate Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich. Fried eggs, smashed avocado, juicy tomato, peppery arugula, crispy bacon, melted cheddar … should I keep on going? Just how much better can one sandwich get? I can answer that question with twoRead More →

This Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe is festive, fall spin on classic cheesecake. It’s creamy, with the perfect amount of pumpkin, on top of a cinnamon graham cracker crust! Cheesecake is and will always be my favorite dessert. For so long I was a little scared to make cheesecake at home becauseRead More →

Buttery Herb Sautéed Mushrooms are tender mushrooms coated in a seasoned mixture that are sautéed until they are tender in a buttery herb sauce. The perfect side dish to any meal! These mushrooms are rich in flavor and coated with just enough seasoning to make you add an extra spoonful of themRead More →

You don’t need science to prove that music is capable of motivating you or putting you in a very specific mood (though there is science for that). Which is why plenty of chefs are particular about the soundtracks that play while they work in the kitchen. Annie Kamin, a 2019Read More →

Kick up your stack of flapjacks with this family favorite recipe for light and fluffy Banana Nut Pancakes. You show me a banana and I’ll show you my favorite pie, my favorite muffins, my favorite pudding, and now, my favorite pancakes. A few weeks ago I was chatting with myRead More →

potato salad recipe with step by step photos. when you love potatoes, you make various recipes with them. so far i have shared many potato recipes be it indian or from the world cuisine. we love potatoes and so now sharing our favorite potato salad which is pretty easy toRead More →